Nobody does what we do. La Selecta Radio is the only full time live and local mass media serving the Hampton Roads market as well as part of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Our audience is very unique and can not be found on any other radio station. La Selecta Radio connects music, geography and cultural background with the Spanish language.

La Selecta Radio makes sense because it is used in the home, at work, in the car and on our apps which can be used anywhere in the world. Hispanics use radio more frequently than the general market spending over 23 hours a week listening. The more often your message reaches our listeners throughout the day, the more likely they are to respond when they need your product or service.

The Power of Español

Most importantly, La Selecta Radio delivers your message in Spanish. When targeting Hispanics, studies have proven that commercials in Spanish have 400% more impact than commercials in English.