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mediakit-pictureLIVE AND LOCAL

La Selecta Radio is the only radio station that has live and local Hispanic programming all day. This is the very reason why La Select Radio has remained a central part in the lives of Hampton Roads Hispanics. We always engage our listeners and keep them informed to essential information happening locally. Most importantly our live and local programming means your business has many opportunities for live sponsorships and DJ endorsements all throughout the day.


La Selecta Radio personalities are very popular to all Hispanics. They love the same music and share the same passion for life and tradition as their listeners. They also live in Hampton Roads and are closely connected to the local community.

6-10am DJ Ricardo Alegria & Norma Centeno
Ricardo is a very influential voice in the community and has been on the air since day one. He also co-hosts a HR TV show that airs throughout the entire state of VA. The co-host Norma brings a smile and a multitude of info and music news to the show.

nava-round12-3pm DJ Nava
Nava is the perfect companion for those at the office and on the the job with great music and entertainment news.

mangu-round3-7pm DJ Mangu Powers
Mangu has a great personality and eccentric sense of humor. He is very active with the audience on air and online. Mangu is also the program and music director for La Selecta Radio.

dorian-round10am-3pm DJ Dorian
Dorian’s love of music and dance keeps everyone moving on the weekends. He keeps everyone informed of what’s going on in Hampton Roads.